3 Sheets to the Moon Cask Strength Whisky


Our second ever barrel, we created a mash bill of 100% Island grown barley, fermented with a fruity Belgian yeast strain, and double pot distilled before aging over 6 years in a French Oak, Blackberry Port barrel previously holding our ‘Sang du Merle’ Sour Ale aged on black currants.

The result is our fruitiest Whisky yet, balanced by the richness of the Vancouver Island Malt.

The nose explodes with fresh aromas of raspberry, grape and apricot, evolving into a sweet, mellow finish.

 The esters created through our unique Belgian fermentation profile carry all the way through the whisky with a light, upfront berry juiciness and end with spicy, clove and bittersweet finish.

Rich Cask notes of vanilla and toffee round out this unfiltered, cask strength Single Malt coming in at 57.6% ABV or 115 Proof.

A slight chill haze may be present due to the high ester content and unfiltered nature of this whisky aged ‘on lees’.

3 Sheets to the Moon is our very limited cask strength Whisky. Bottled completely unfiltered, straight from the barrel at 57.6% ABV. We recommend this whisky for the true aficionado.

With a cask strength Whisky, you have control over dilution levels and you’re able to tailor your drinking experience to your personal tastes.

This unfiltered whisky has the most depth of flavour and complexity and will express a wide range of aromas and flavour profiles when diluted to different volumes at different temperatures.

We suggest using mineral or distilled water for dilutions and making ice cubes.


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3 Sheets to the Moon Cask Strength Whisky

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