Shaft Espresso Cocktail


30% ABV

Clay has blended Moon Distillery Vodka, espresso, sugar, almonds, cocoa nibs, and Vanilla.

Pour 2 oz Shaft Espresso Cocktail over icePour in 2 oz of half & half cream. Enjoy!

*No dairy in the actual liqueur.

The new bottle design features a sleek tall glass bottle, with a cool new graphic and a glass topper for a touch of elegance.

The front graphic features a miner and a donkey preparing to go into a mine shaft, to reflect the name of the original cocktail.

Never heard of the Shaft Cocktail??

Here’s the back story:

Never before has the origin story of a cocktail been so contentious.

Three Western Canadian cities lay claim to The Shaft. If you’ve ever worked in the restaurant industry, or frequented the night clubs in Victoria, Calgary or Whistler, then you’ve probably had an encounter with The Shaft.

Strong, dark and smooth like it’s namesake, John Shaft, The Shaft gained notoriety in Victoria, BC in the early 2000’s as a late night pick-me-up.

Distiller/Owner Clay Potter was introduced to The Shaft in its early days at his favorite hangout, Hugo’s Brewpub.

After a long shift in the kitchen or bartending, industry members would flock to Hugo’s to shoot back a Shaft and kick start their night.

Many claim it was there that The Shaft in its true form was created, using vodka in addition to the standard espresso, Kahlua and milk.

Shafts have been a staple at The Moon Under Water Brew Pub since 2012, so when we opened Moon Distilling Co in 2018, a pre-packaged Shaft was the first spirit on the agenda!

Moon Distillery was the first Distillery in Canada to create a pre-packaged Shaft, and its been the best seller from the Distillery ever since.

Clay makes his Shaft in small batches, using his Canadian Gold Medal winning Vodka and blends it with fresh made espresso, vanilla, sugar, almonds and cacao nibs.

Blended to 30% ABV, the The Shaft Espresso Cocktail is designed to be taken anywhere – camping, hiking, Christmas parties, you name it!

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