Antifogmatic Bliss Single Malt Whisky


Name: “Antifogmatic Bliss” Single Malt Whisky

Grain Bill: 100% Vancouver Island Grown Barley Malt

Still Type: Pot Still

Number of Times Distilled: Twice

Cask Type: Stored in a Russian Imperial Stout barrel. This barrel imparts big coffee & vanilla notes into the Whisky

Maturation Duration: 3 Years

ABV: 42%

Tasting Notes

Appearance (colour): Mahogany, clear, semi-slow legs, beading clings to the surface

Aroma: Medium: Toffee, vanilla, cinnamon

Taste: Sweet, buttery smooth. Notes of vanilla, coffee, prunes, caramel, malt, leather, and honey

Finish: Short finish

What does Antifogmatic mean? Noun. An alcoholic drink taken in the morning to brace oneself before going out into bad weather

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Antifogmatic Bliss Single Malt Whisky

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